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Dear Friends,
Isn't it grand that Spring has finally arrived - to stay? There's something not quite right about celebrating St. Patrick's Day - a day all about the color green - in the middle of a snowstorm! Now that the sun and warmer weather are becoming the norm and the calendar reads April, you hear the same chorus of comments: "Guess I have to get ready to do spring cleaning now;" "It's time to get our lawnmower and garden tools and get the yard in shape;" and of course, "I haven't done a thing about Easter - need to do the Easter Bunny shopping, plan the Easter meal and figure out who's coming to dinner." Normal comments that reflect a busy time for all of us. Imagine hearing those comments if you don't have a place to call home; if you don't have anything to spring clean, a garden to tend or a lawn to mow; no means for Easter dinner because you don't know if you'll have dinner tonight and something like Easter Baskets for your children are a luxury. A woven basket with plastic grass, a chocolate bunny and jelly beans may not seem like much unless it's your children who won't have that to look forward to - when you feel like a failure because families all around you will partake in a traditional holiday that is out of your reach.

Spring carries with it a hint of promise - of beautiful colored flowers that will bloom, grass that will turn from brown to green, soft breezes and sunny skies. The feeling is one of awakening and hope - gray skies and bitter cold are behind us and there's so much beauty to look forward to! Every day of every week, regardless of season or weather, we work with our neighbors who are struggling on a daily basis - with food, clothing, shelter, utilities, medicine, baby supplies. Everyone who finds their way to our Food Link doorstep is in despair and need. Your support allows us to remain a strong army of neighbors helping neighbors with things we take for granted but feel like a dream to them - from formula in a baby bottle to food for that Easter dinner so their family can celebrate like everyone else. When it is provided with kindness and a desire to make a difference, it's a reminder there are people who care and reasons to smile. What we do is not glamorous but it is life-sustaining and hopeful, like Spring. Perhaps most important, when you join us, it turns the doorstep of desperation into a doorway of hope.

I hope this Spring is a time of great promise and beauty for you and your family; that your gardens will bloom in riotous color and there's lots of chocolate in your Easter Baskets. Most of all I hope you will be reminded that tending the garden of the heart makes Anne Arundel County a kinder and more caring community.

Warmest wishes,

Cathy L. Bird, Executive Director

Hours of Business:

Food Link Offices will be open on Tuesday - Thursday, 9 -4
and Friday 9 - 3

Produce Program Schedule
In April on the 4th, every Friday til the end of the year.

Emergency Needs for April

Canned fruit
Shelf stable milk

We also need paper towels, toilet paper, shampoo and conditioner, bar soap, laundry detergent, tooth paste, cleaning supplies.


Appetizers, beer, wine, margaritas, silent auction & lots of fun
Free admission - donations accepted
Please join us for a fun evening with friends at a beautiful location overlooking the Chesapeake Bay!

May 15, 2014 - Girls Night Out at Homestead Gardens

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Early Spring 2014 - Fight Hunger, Skip Lunch Campaign

Early May, 2014 - The No Admission Come Support Food Link Happy Hour at Bay Ridge Club House


Meet Faye Currie, Financial Secretary for Food Link [read more]

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