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Dear Friends,

March is often associated with luck as it's the month that touts St. Patrick's Day. Soon we will be faced with a landscape of green - four leaf clovers, a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, green beer and of course, little green "lucky" Leprachauns. While some who imbibe of green beer in hopes of seeing the lucky little people who will lead them to the pot of gold or a four leaf clover so a wish can come true, I've recently realized that luck can come in many forms.

Last month, during that incredibly cold arctic weather we experienced with temperatures in the single digits, we were approached by a family who had no heat. The problem wasn't electricity or gas - it was oil. This young couple and their three children were mid-way in their six month lease when the oil tank went empty. This totally caught the family by surprise which turned to shock to learn that the landlord was under no obligation to have filled that tank nor even apprised them of the amount of gas available when they rented. What was more shocking was learning that oil companies don't deliver less than half a tank which in this case exceeded $500- way out of this family's budget. The mother had been laid off from a company where she worked for many years because the business was sold. She has been struggling to find work since before the holidays and works part-time whenever she can. The husband is employed full-time. Regardless, $500 is like $5,000 to them. This woman had been calling everywhere for help - from gas companies to churches to charitable agencies trying to find help. While we at Food Link were working with them to figure out a solution, we were lucky enough to be able to provide the means to procure space heaters and an extra blanket for that night which made a huge difference for them. I went home thinking about them and how cold it was going to be etc. and received the shocking news that our heater was not working in our home! WHAT?! Yep, the thermostat was reading a balmy 60 degrees before it stopped reading anything at all. The difference is I/we, my husband and I, are lucky enough to be able to make a phone call for repair. We couldn't be seen for over 24 hours because the brutal cold was wrecking havoc with heating systems all over the county. Even though that was the case and we had to wait an additional three days for a part to come in, we were lucky that we had a fireplace, lots of firewood to burn, and an incredible insert that kept living space warm. We were also lucky enough to have space heaters at the house which kept other parts of the home livable. We were lucky to be able to pay the repairman when the work was done.

Every day, some of us know how lucky we are in the simplest ways. We can put food on the table, gas in the car, have a job to go to, can afford a doctor's visit or medication and pay for the utilities and the roof over our heads. Every day there are hundreds of families right here wishing they were lucky as we are. If you are one of the lucky ones, please join us as we strive to help our neighbors in need. Know that every dollar received can leverage bags of food, baby supplies or go towards rent and utilities. There is nothing that compares to the feeling of knowing you have truly touched a life. Instead of looking for a four leaf clover or a Lucky Leprachaun, you can BE the luck that a family is desperately in need of.

Here's hoping that our luck not only holds but multiplies throughout our community.

Best Always,

Cathy L. Bird, Executive Director,
Staff & Board of Food Link

Effective immediately, the emergency pantry is ONLY open on Tuesday and Friday.

if you are in need of emergency assistance. We cannot guarantee someone will be here to take care of walk-ins.

Hours of Business:

Food Link Offices will be open on Tuesday - Thursday, 9 -4
and Friday 9 - 3

Produce Program Schedule
OVER FOR 2014.

We begin again Friday, January 30th, then Friday, February 27th, Friday, March 27th ... then begin our weekly program again Friday, April 3rd.

March's Emergency Needs

Hot and cold cereal
Pancake mix and syrup
Mac and cheese
Instant potatoes and gravy
Canned chicken
Large size diapers and wipes
Tuna and Tuna Helper.


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