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Food Link's Emergency Pantry is available on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please call 410-897-3943 to make an appointment.

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Dear Friends,

Happy Fall! Before we know it, the leaves will be turning beautiful colors, the air will become a bit brisk and we'll see the smoke of fires in the fireplace puffing out of chimney tops. Then the holidays will be here! All the happy family planning of the traditional Thanksgiving feast and readying the Christmas cookie and gift lists will be at the forefront of our thoughts.

But before those wondrous things happen, there are families right here who wish they could get caught up in those thoughts but can't afford to think that far ahead - because right now, they're just trying to survive. Their thoughts are consumed with "how will I put food on the table for my family this week, how can I keep the electric on so we have lights and the ability to cook and heat our home, how will I get the kids the new winter coats they need, how do I decide between buying diapers and formula or food for the whole family, how do we make it through this really rough patch?"

The answer is through the kindness and caring of others and the support of programs like Food Link. Whether you believe in The Golden Rule, Everything You Needed to Know You Learned in Kindergarten or were moved by the message delivered by His Holiness Pope Francis while he visited, WE are the difference - in our homes, our communities, our world. Every single day with our actions, be it as simple as a smile to someone who needs one to volunteering to donating to a worthy cause, we have the power EVERY DAY to BE the difference to someone in need. When we're able to say yes, we can help you to those who land on our door step, the gift is the hope that comes with that help and the realization that someone cares.

We need to remind ourselves that kindness, caring and compassion are gifts we can share EVERY DAY and those gifts not only shape our community but have the power to change lives.

Stay Warm!

Cathy L. Bird, Executive Director,
Staff & Board of Food Link

Food Link's Emergency Pantry is available on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please call 410-897-3943 to make an appointment".

Food Link Offices

are open on Tuesday - Thursday, 9 -4
and Friday 9 - 3

Current Emergency Needs

pancake mix (complete and just add water)
macaroni and cheese with cheese sauce all ready made
canned ravioli
tuna helper
chicken helper
canned chicken


Walmart Awards $30,000 Grant to Support and Expand the Wholesale Produce Program, June 2015. [read more]

THANK YOU for your generous donations through The Great Give 2015!

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