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As of end of day, Friday, May 5, Food Link's doors are closed forever.
If you need food, please contact the Anne Arundel County Food Bank at 410-923-4255.

For other services, please call the Systems of Care at 1-800-485-0041.
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Dear Friends,

There is a famous quote that states: The Bad News is nothing lasts forever. The Good News is nothing lasts forever. With that in mind, this is informing you of our news that effective Friday, May 26th, 2017, Food Link will be closing its doors for good. We know this will come as a shock to many of you and obviously, this was not an easy decision to make. After my tenure of 24 years and Paula's tenure of 22, we made the decision to retire this year. The board found that losing the two most senior staff leaves a crater of relationships and knowledge that would be near impossible to fill. Between changes in the grants landscape, needing to be in a position to offer truly competitive salaries and benefits and an inability to find the magical events to meet the fundraising goal required, the Board of Directors found themselves in an untenable position. While this was not what anyone wanted or had ever envisioned, it became apparent there was no other choice.

It is amazing to think that Food Link opened its doors July 1, 1991 and even more amazing to think of all that has transpired since that time. From a small, single purpose food rescue distribution program, we filled a major role in providing millions of pounds of fresh and shelf stable food to our stalwart, dedicated recipient agencies. In our long storied history we've also expanded surplus food distribution to five counties on the Eastern Shore, launched The Center of Help to assist the burgeoning Hispanic Latino community, broadened our programs to include fresh produce, emergency baby pantries and caring umbrella to better serve the needs of our community. Our commitment to linking daily, life sustaining essentials to our neighbors in need for free has been unshakeable. The best part of any and all of this has been the gift of working with all of you. We have been blessed by your support, partnership and friendship knowing we have been aligned with the very best, most generous and caring ambassadors our community has to offer.

To everything there is a season and so we come to the end of ours. Our mission and our work have been a labor of love. It has been our honor and privilege to work with you for 25 years, making a difference every single day for our struggling neighbors. Together we provided caring, compassionate assistance with nourishment, comfort and hope to those in their darkest moments. And that is something to celebrate! We thank you, too, for the difference you have made in our lives, enriching us beyond measure. It is working with all of you that we will miss the most, and we will carry these 25 years of memories in our hearts forever.

Our Sincere Gratitude -

Kathy S. Nellius
Board of Directors   
Cathy L. Bird
Executive Director
Paula Gordon
Director, Volunteer Operations